About Us

In 1920, our great-grandfather, Lewis Lance bought the general store from the widow, Jennie Hickox. The store, located in the Hamlet of Ray, in the township of Alexander, was a train stop on the DL&W Railroad and served as a pick up point for the local farmers and tradesmen to ship their goods to Buffalo. The largest commodity would have been milk being shipped onto the Creamery in Buffalo.  The railroad also dropped off coal, grain and lumber for building projects.

 In 1943, he sold the business to his daughter, Marion and her husband Howard. The name was changed to H&M Geer and continued to sell a wide variety of dry goods and hardware.  A deli provided fresh meats and cheeses.

 In 1958, the third generation of family, brothers Earl & Norris bought into the business.  With the help of their wives, Ruth & Lois, the business has grown in both the agriculture & coal aspects.

 As the fourth generation, Jeff, continues on with providing honest prices and great service to our customers in Genesee and the surrounding counties. We have been the local SeedWay dealer for over 12 years and continue to grow every year.